Update 16: The Final Stretch

This update is the final stretch in two ways: it’s the last 20 hours of the campaign and I announce the final stretch goal.

Last day

First, this is the last day of the campaign. (Although, just the start of getting this game to everyone). The last 24 hours have been awesome. It was so awesome I wanted to share the most impressive charts:

I hope we can keep up this pace for the next 20 hours because that leads me to the real reason for the unexpected update: THE FINAL STRETCH GOAL.

Wooden Nutrition and Scoring Markers at $50,000

Second, I mentioned that I’d update everyone on the final stretch, so I’ll keep this quick.  I have updated the campaign page to include the final stretch goal: wooden, food pieces for the nutrition markers and scoring track.

What the markers would look like are up in the air, but I wanted to provide you a glimpse at the sort of tokens we’re looking at.  Thank you Ryan for acquiring some from MeepleSource to try out.

The tokens that go in may not be exactly these, but I think it’ll give you an idea.

We have twenty hours left. We can do this.

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