Update #15: Final 48 Hours

So here it is: the final 48 hours of the campaign are upon us! For all of new backers over the last few days, I thought I’d sum up all of the new art we’ve unlocked since the beginning of the campaign.

First, we have a whole bunch of unlocked art stretch goals. We added 32 new canvases just in stretch goals. As an astute backer points out, this will hugely increase the replayability.

Second, we’ve unlocked a number of component upgrades.

Wild Cubes. We’ve added clear, wild paint cubes to the base game. These can substitute for one color on any canvas.

Magnetic box. We’ve also unlocked the Magnetic box.  The box will be like the one used forBiblios, The Siblings Trouble, and Vault Wars. It will include a scoring track on the inside cover to track players’ points.

Prototype image of a scoring track which may change before it's printed.
Prototype image of a scoring track which may change before it’s printed.

Linen. We’re also on the verge of unlocking the Linen-finished cards.  I suspect that we’ll get this shortly and I’m excited. The Linen finishes are a great thematic touch.

Wooden Tracker Stretch Goal and/or Upgrade kit

I’ve been working really hard to figure out how to provide the wooden food bits for the scoring track and player nutrition markers (and replace the basic ones).  Current thoughts are that the wooden bits would be two red apples, purple grapes, green lettuce and blue fish. These have always been really long stretch goals, but as we approach these last 48 hours, it’s looking more and more possible.

I’ve requested a bunch of new quotes to see if it’s feasible. If it works out, I’ll announce them in the comments.

Upgrade kit?  If it is not possible to include these bits in every game, would you be interested in an upgrade kit after the campaign?  Let me know in the comments.

Updates to the Canvas Cards

So, we’re working on doing a bit of a redesign on the back of the Canvas cards.  The current design is shown below features the art of Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts:

Old in back, new in front.
Old in back, new in front.

Yep, that’s right: the painting is the back of the canvas painting.

Player Studio PnP Templates

I have created a Word document that is formatted so that backers can create print and play translation versions of the studio cards. You can view and download it here: Player Reference Template.  It uses the font Ebrima (alternatively Segoe UI).

Anyone interested in the original source files to make the translations, please let me know.

Quick update about sleeves

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about sleeves for the canvas cards. I’d asked Mayday early on if there were 3.5″x5.5″ sleeves, and they said they’d send me something. I haven’t yet received those, yet.

That said, backer, Teel, found these Swan Sleeves that appear to fit perfectly around the canvas cards.  I’ve ordered some to test and expedited shipping. If these work, a single pack of these sleeves will have enough for every canvas and studio card in the game.  Given the number of canvases in the game, now, however, there’s little chance that if you sleeve every canvas that they’ll fit in the original box, but I’ll try it out for you.

Final backer vote is still going

The final backer vote will run all the way until the end of the campaign. It pits Monet v. Kandinsky. Apparently I’ve swung the vote noting that Monet is already in the box.  Would it swing the vote to note that Kandinsky is on the box?

You can add your votes below.

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