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Solo Game: Robin Hood – Hero of the People

Coming in third place in The Game Crafter’s solo challenge is a bright, light and fun card game: Robin Hood – Hero of the People. Robin Hood – Hero of the People is a single-player, card game in which the player plays the characters of Robin Hood and his band of […]

Solo Game: Septic Shock

Fairway looks at the other fifth-place finisher in the Solo Game Challenge from The Game Crafter: Septic Shock. Septic Shock is a single player, dice-placement game in which the player is actively trying to cure themselves of some nasty infections that are spreading throughout the body. Like the other reviews […]

Solo Game: Neotraditional AMA

Today, Fairway takes a look at the first of two fifth place finishers in the The Game Crafter solo game challenge: Neotraditional AMA. Neotraditional AMA is a single-player, dexterity game in which the player is a spearfisherman trying to dive deep, bring back fish and not drown. I followed my […]

Solo Contest: Rat Catcher

Fairway starts a series of posts as the judge of the Solo Game Challenge at The Game Crafter. In this post, he looks at the seventh-place finisher: The Ratcatcher. The Ratcatcher by Platypus Industries (via The Game Crafter) is a one-player, adventure game in which the player must rid the medieval towns […]

Blue Riband: Review

Turn back the clocks. Grab your life preserver and a fancy drink. Fairway tries to build the most luxurious, capable ship and sail it from England to New York before his opponent in today’s preview of Blue Riband. Blue Riband is a two-player game set in an alternate past in […]

Animus: Review

The multiverse has fractured and strange, powerful beings from across time and space have invaded our universe. Fairway takes control of a team of these beings in an attempt to take control of the universe in this review of Animus. Animus is a two-player, card-drafting and combat game. The game involves […]