Creating Renders of Your Cards

In this brief tutorial, I show you how to use Powerpoint and Gimp to create quick renders of your cards that you can use for campaign pages and your rule books. This tutorial assumes you’re using something like The Game Crafter’s templates and that the cards you’re looking to render are in individual image files.

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Creating Custom Punch Outs from Images

The Game Crafter recently announced the ability to create your own custom punch outs. That means you can make custom, cardboard shapes. I’m going to imagine that most people want to create shapes that look like some image they already have. The “trick” to make this happen is to create outlines of the shapes.  There’s a bunch of helpful video tutorials for how to hand draw those shapes. These work, but they’re not the nice smooth cutouts people are used to. I thought that I’d show you how to quickly create nice, uniform SVG shapes using Inkscape. Continue reading “Creating Custom Punch Outs from Images”

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Free Poker-sized Card Templates

Starting game designers waste a lot of time trying to build reasonable-looking prototypes for their cards. I started to create some card templates to assist others.  I’m making the card templates free. And, as I get the urge to make more, I’ll continue to grow the number of poker-sized card templates. Continue reading “Free Poker-sized Card Templates”

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Starving Artists: Strategy Guide for New Players

In the world of Starving Artists, there aren’t a lot of possible actions: work, paint, and buy. But your choices and combinations of actions impact greatly your ability to survive and win the game. After numerous people asking how to win, I have compiled a list of strategies that have help guide other players and assisted them in surviving.  Also in this post, I do math.

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Starving Artists Funded: We did it!

Unbelievable. I really don’t have any other words.  In thirty days we raise more than four times than I had envisioned. We unlocked EVERY stretch goal including one that I never thought possible.

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