Custom Card Creator

Using the following two tools, you can create your own canvas cards to including in your copy of Starving Artists.  They let you upload your own pictures, set the title and artist, drag and drop paint locations, and give a canvas its own value in food, stars and paint.custom

The resulting image can then be downloaded and will be formatted so you can upload them as Jumbo Cards to The Game Crafter. In order to make the cards, you’ll also need a copy of this linked image to set as the “back” of your cards.


Note: These tools are provided to you to create cards and have them printed for use with your own copy of Starving Artists. If you use The Game Crafter to print: there may be difference in quality, color (including on the back) and in shape (rounded corners)–these do not mess with game play too much, but fair warning. You will also need to have Flash enabled in your browser.


The following tool will create portrait-shaped cards. While you can upload and try any image size you want, the ideal dimension for your image in pixels is 976×1500.

Landscape cards

The following tool will create landscape-shaped cards. Like above, you can upload any image size you want, the ideal dimension for your image in pixels is 1580×960.


Should go without saying, but if you use the above tools to create your own cards and submit them to The Game Crafter to be printed, you should use only images that you own or otherwise have the right to use. This could be paintings you created yourself, family pictures, or paintings from the public domain.  If you try to print copyrighted images, your order will likely be cancelled.

Public Domain.  If you’re using art that’s not your own, the easiest ones to print are those in the public domain. Paintings are in the public domain if it was “published” before 1922 or it has been more than 70 years since the artist’s death. For more information about the duration of copyrights, you can refer to this wonderful chart prepared by Cornell:

Printing Your Cards

Cards you download from these tools are designed to print as Jumbo cards at The Game Crafter.  Here’s a few notes about the process:

  • It is most cost efficient to order Jumbo Cards in multiples of six.  If you’re going through this process, you might consider printing at least six cards then.
  • In order to print the cards, you need to create an account and create a game.  These tutorials will help you create the cards (use Jumbo-sized cards instead of Poker Cards).
  • You do not need a box. Your cards will come in a baggie within a shipping box.
  • You will need to pay for “cost” of the cards, a game fee, and the shipping costs.
  • There’s no guarantee the cards will be a perfect match to the final production run of the game which is being done at a different printer (colors, rounded corners, and thickness may all vary). This should not matter too much, but if it bothers you, don’t use these tools.
  • Your best bet to get a similar feel is to use Linen and UV coatings.