Starving Artists Funded: We did it!

Unbelievable. I really don’t have any other words.  In thirty days we raise more than four times than I had envisioned. We unlocked EVERY stretch goal including one that I never thought possible.

Thank yous

I won’t make this like what happens when actors get awards, but I don’t think I can say this enough

First, a huge thank you to all of my backers. You were some of the best backers a campaign creator could ask for: you were engaged and supportive, you had great ideas that lead to changes for the best, and you helped get the word out.

Second, thank you to Ryan of The Inquisitive Meeple who, after getting an early copy of Starving Artists, has done a ton for this campaign and to keep me moving forward. Not only has he helped here in the comments, he helped research and play test and experiment, and contributed more than a few ideas that made this campaign successful.

Third, I want to thank my very patient wife who not only tolerated long nights, but helped on both the campaign and the game itself–she gets full credit for making me feature the art on big cards that drew much of the early attention as well as the idea to look more broadly at the art world for interesting pieces. I love you.

Finally, special thanks to:

  • Jason Glover of Grey Gnome Games who encouraged me to do this on my own. It probably would have been easier to just let him Kickstart it.
  • The Indie Game Alliance for helping with a lot things as a small game designer publisher. If you’re a game designer and thinking about doing a KS, you should join.
  • Backer Sven Stratmann who put together a really amazing group buy that helped this campaign maintain its momentum.

The plan ahead

So, you have done your hard work, but my hard work is just beginning.  I want to give you a real high level road map of the ahead:

  • Within the next month, all of the art and canvas cards that are going to make it into the game will be finalized and some final balancing and play testing.  We’ve added a big number in both stretch goals, but also backer votes and at the Picasso tier. Once all of those have been finalized, I will update both the print and play and the Table Top Simulator versions.
  • Also in the next 4-6 weeks: rules will proofed, finalized, and set out in a rule book; and the changes to the box design will be completed to fit the magnetic box.
  • By August/September, I hope to have everything finalized to the manufacturer for printing.
  • By December, I hope to have things shipped to backers.

Final Backer Pick

I almost forgot: the game is getting a Kandinsky in the box as well as on the box.

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