Pre-orders and Post-Kickstarter Add-ons

I’ve gotten a few messages asking to get the game now that the campaign is over and, for current backers, how to add a game mat or additional copies of the game.

Good news everyone: you can do it now.  You can now securely Pre-Order Starving Artists and add Add-ons. Some enterprising folks have already realized I posted it and have ordered copies already.

Pre-order and add Add-ons
Pre-order and add Add-ons

I’ve set it up for current backers can add either additional copies of the game or game mats to their current orders at the Kickstarter price.  Make sure that you include your backer information in the shipping notes.

I’ve set up a pre-order page where new Starving Artists can acquire the game shipped for less than MSRP ($35 US).

Note:  I won’t be charging the credit cards for these purchases until I place the order with the manufacturer. Prices include US shipping.

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