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Solo Game: Robin Hood – Hero of the People

Coming in third place in The Game Crafter’s solo challenge is a bright, light and fun card game: Robin Hood – Hero of the People. Robin Hood – Hero of the People is a single-player, card game in which the player plays the characters of Robin Hood and his band of […]

Solo Game: Septic Shock

Fairway looks at the other fifth-place finisher in the Solo Game Challenge from The Game Crafter: Septic Shock. Septic Shock is a single player, dice-placement game in which the player is actively trying to cure themselves of some nasty infections that are spreading throughout the body. Like the other reviews […]

Solo Game: Neotraditional AMA

Today, Fairway takes a look at the first of two fifth place finishers in the The Game Crafter solo game challenge: Neotraditional AMA. Neotraditional AMA is a single-player, dexterity game in which the player is a spearfisherman trying to dive deep, bring back fish and not drown. I followed my […]